Drop in BMF Record Count from 2007 to 2008

The number of records in the Jan 10, 2008 BMF files declined in 2008. The Jan 2008 BMF file contains 1,469,667 records vs. 1,487,054 in Sept 2007 (and 1,482,846 in Jan 2007).

An explanation was provided by the IRS TE/GE division on 1/15/2008:

"...The decrease in active entities on the files are due to IRS efforts to notify small exempt organizations (under $25K in gross receipts) about their requirement to file the Form 990-N (ePostcard). If our notices came back undeliverable by the Post Office and we were unable to find a better address, they went into an unable to locate status, and thus were not eligible to be included on the state (BMF) files. You may pass on this information to any concerned customers."

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