Online Time Tracking Systems: Options for the small and medium-sized organization

Personnel costs represent the largest single cost for most organizations, yet very few nonprofits track how staff time is distributed between different projects and management functions. This note discusses some of the options available to small and medium-sized organizations and provides links to demonstration versions available on our website.

  • Journyx, a sophisticated web-based application used by many large corporations and government agencies, offers a wealth of features and is available for free to organizations with less than ten employees or users. A separate module costing under $1,000 is available to link Journyx directly with QuickBooks. Modules to link to most major accounting and human resource management packages are also available. Organizations with 10-25 employees can expect to pay between $1500 and $2000 for the system with larger organizations paying even more. For organizations with sophisticated grant-reporting needs, this package may well be a worthwhile investment.
  • Three other widely used commercial time-management systems are:
  • charges $2 per employee per month for a simple but versatile time tracking system. Data is readily downloaded and exported to Quickbooks. You can also load lists of employees and other information from QuickBooks into GetMyTime.
  • Quickbooks offer a couple of tools for tracking time. QuickBooks includes the Pro Timer utility on the program CD. It is our understanding that this separate system can then be installed throughout your organization. The stopwatch feature is useful for employees working directly with Quickbooks.
  • Two useful Pro Timer technical notes are available on the QuickBooks website here and here.

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