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The Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida serves Duval, Clay, Baker, Nassau and St. Johns Counties.  The region's land area covers a total of 3,221 square miles and the population surpasses 1.35 million.

Characterized by an abundance of natural resources and a diversity of habitats, the region's central feature is the Lower St. Johns River. With over 100 miles of coastline and five barrier islands boasting some of the state's most magnificent, pristine beaches, Northeast Florida is truly "Florida's First Coast."

Jacksonville in Duval County is the major urban center, boasting a good mix of industrial manufacturing, transportation, financial services, health care, and military employment. Land-wise, it is the largest city in the U.S.

Surrounding counties are more rural in nature, relying on agriculture and service sectors, with a limited industrial base often focused on a single sector. They are, however, increasing in their rate of urbanization and beginning to develop more economic diversity.

There are approximately 1,000 501(c)3 tax-exempt organizations in Northeast Florida. 



Sources: Northeast Florida Regional Planning Council, 2010 Census Data,

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