Are you a part of a nonprofit organization in Northeast Florida?  Here are some ways you can use the Link!

  • Create an account.  This will give you the ability to update your organization's information, post items to Shared Resources, create custom reports, and more!
  • Claim your nonprofit participation.  Are you a staff member or Board member?  Find your organization and claim it as a part of your profile to edit information by clicking on the "set association" link at the bottom of the profile page.
  • Sort the Map.  Find other nonprofits in your zip code, mission area, or legislative district.  Use the map as an advocacy tool when meeting with public officials.
  • Search by programs.  Looking for a certain service in the community?  Search by program and find even more information than searching by organization name.
  • Post on Shared Resources.  This online resource vault will post any needs that you have or any resources you have available to share with others.  Anything from volunteer opportunities to office furniture to meeting space can be posted!
  • Manage your Projects and Collaborations.  Create a group, define projects, assign tasks, develop indicators, and post documents. 


Do you have questions or feedback?  Contact Leah Case at or 904.390.3222.
Interested in membership to the Nonprofit Center?  Visit for more information.