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Current Number and Revenue of Registered, Filing Organizations, by Subsector

This report returns the most recent available number of all registered organizations, as well as the number and revenue of all active organizations. Organizations are defined as active if they have filed within two years previous of the date of the most recent data available (given in the first column below in YYMM format: e.g., November 2014 = 1411).
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Date of Data (YY/MM) NteeCode Number of Registered Public Charities Number of Active Filers Total Revenue of Active Filers
2106 1-Arts 410 106 72,679,203
2106 2-Education 706 207 1,311,645,826
2106 3-Environment and Animals 241 74 103,075,963
2106 4-Health Care 466 168 5,622,915,761
2106 5-Human Services 1,511 417 988,027,916
2106 6-Religion-Related 1,825 146 56,333,639
2106 7-Other 775 193 387,684,556
Total   5,934 1,311 8,542,362,864

Please note that "Religion-Related" organizations include all organizations filing with the IRS, but do NOT include all religious organizations. Religious congregations and organizations with less than $5,000 in annual revenue are not required to register with the IRS, although many do. The standard source for estimates of religious congregations is the American Church Lists, a company thatprovides marketing data using phone listings and other sources. As of this note, the most recent American Church Lists estimates suggest there are about 345,000 houses of worship in the United States. Of these, approximately 220,000 are registered with the IRS, according to NCCS analysis of the June 2014 IRS Business Master File. See “Church Specialty List,” InfoUSA, accessed December 10, 2014,