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Sources of local community information
This announcement was received August 5, 2003:

We've just completed a nationwide set of nonprofit resource guides, which provide easy access to demographics and other local data. Each community has its own guide, with demographic reports drawn from the 2000 Census.

Our site profiles more than 25,000 communities across the country, with information was compiled by journalists formerly with the Detroit Free Press, the New York Times and American Demographics magazine.

Please take a look. I think your users would find it quite helpful:

Laurie Bennett

ePodunk - Celebrating the power of place

The Grantsmanship Center ( ) circulated this message as Funding Tip #23 on August 28, 1996:

1996 NNG Directory:

For many years, The Grantseeker's Guide from The National Network of Grantmakers (NNG) was among the best of the specialized funding directories on the market. It was also one of the most reasonably priced. NNG no longer puts out the Guide, but does put out its own Grantmakers' Directory, the 1996 edition of which is now available. Like its predecessors, this third edition of the Directory highlights "progressive" funding sources that receive scant coverage in other guide books - starting with A Territory Resource (ATR), whose mission is described as directing "financial resources to address political, environmental, social and economic inequities from the ground up." The Grantmakers' Directory is especially useful for progressive organizations looking for funding from like minded sources. The 1996
Grantmakers' Directory costs $25 and can be ordered from NNG, 1717 Kettner Blvd., Suite 110, San Diego, CA 92101.

And this as Funding Tip #25 on August 30, 1996:

National Directory of Corporate Affairs: This book is relatively unknown in development offices. That may explain why its cost has not skyrocketed like other directories used in fundraising. There are 2,000 companies listed, all of which have a "public affairs" program. Listings include the address of the corporate headquarters; the company's political action committee; its foundation or corporate giving program; and its corporate publications which carry public affairs-related material. Key facts on corporate philanthropic activity are provided and contact persons are listed. The 1996 edition is available, by mail order only, for $95 (prepaid) from Columbia Books,
Inc., 1212 New York Ave., N.W., Washington, DC 20005.

Further resources listed below are from a posting in 1995:

May be found at your public library:

The Chronicle of Philanthropy
fortnightly newspaper containing grants lists, foundation data, and a lot of other good information P.O.Box 1989, Marion OH 43306-4089 $67.50/year

"Chronicle Guide to Grants"
on 3.5" HD discs, IBM compatible $295 on CD-ROM, IBM compatible (more listings) $395 both include 5 bi-monthly updates 1255 Twenty-Third Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20037 800-287-6072 fax 202-223-6292

Philanthropic Digest:
American Prospect Research Association 414 Plaza Drive, Suite 209 Westmont, IL 60559 708-655-0177 subscription $89.95/year for non-members, $69.95 for members membership $75.00

The Taft Foundation:
*Corporate Giving Directory *The Foundation 1000 database "Prospector's Choice" $795


The Taft Foundation
Giving Watch The Taft Corporate Giving Watch

The Foundation Center:
*The Foundation Directory 1 & 2, and supplement
*Foundations Grants Index
*National Data Book of Foundations
*Foundation 1000
*Foundation Grants Index Quarterly
*National Directory of Corporate Giving
*Foundation Fundamentals
*Foundation Grants to Individuals
Selected Grant Guides (these are by interest: e.g. disabled)
*Foundation Giving Literature of the Nonprofit Sector User-Friendly Guide
Note: TFC offices in New York City and Washington DC have complete sets of 990's from U.S. foundations; Cleveland and San Francisco offices have 990's for midwestern and western states, respectively.

More than 180 public libraries across the nation belong to the Center's network of cooperating collections, and have most of their publications available. The Foundation Center's gopher site lists the addresses of all the Foundation Center cooperating libraries.

Orca Knowledge Systems
415-461-4912 (voice) 461-6603 (fax) databases:
"Sources of Foundations/Sources of Corporate Foundations" $750/both; $114/year for updates

Corporate 500 Directory of Corporate Philanthropy $365. 415-896-1900

In downtown Chicago, Donors Forum:
Foundation Form 990's available to Forum members.

Reported, with the addition of the demographic site, September 2, 2003 -- PB