The Nonprofit FAQ: State and Local Organizations

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Cultural and Nonprofit Facilities Funds
In some communities, revolving funds exist to assist nonprofits with financing construction and upgrading of facilities.
How can I find a list of all nonprofit organizations?
No single list of nonprofits is available. This item offers some suggestions of ways to look for information about organizations online.
How can I get general information on community and free nets?
Many community networks provide significant assistance with online projects for other nonprofits in their area.
How can we be listed in the Encyclopaedia of Associations?
The Encyclopaedia of Associations is a directory of national non-profit groups in the United States.
How do I find a volunteer accountant?
There are some organizations that offer help in making connections.
How do I incorporate an organization as a nonprofit?
The procedures vary from state to state. This item provides the names of three books that can help.
How do we find local support for our program?
Advice from a long-term observer of the search for funding (long! with lots of links and suggestions!).
Local Organizations State-by-State: A through M
A listing of statewide associations of nonprofits and other organizations active in the sector that work primarily at the state level.
Local Organizations State-by-State: N through Z
A listing of statewide associations of nonprofits and other organizations active in the sector that work primarily at the state level.
Sources of local community information
There are many resources available online and in print that can help create community profiles. This item lists some hints about how to do this sort of research compiled some time ago.
What about self-help groups
Joining, or starting, a self-help group is a widely accepted way for people to deal with problems. These groups are vital resources for individuals and communities. Many offer valuable resources online.
What is a grassroots organization?
The term has no 'official' meaning in spite of its widespread use. Nonethess, people often feel strongly about such organizations and how they are formed and led.
What schools have a service learning program?
References to projects around the country
What state rules and regulations apply to nonprofits?
The IRS has a webpage with links to explanations of each state's requirements for nonprofit organizations. There are many differences.
Where can I find pro bono legal advice?
The American Bar Association maintains a state-by-state list of organizations that facilitate finding pro bono assistance. This item also includes advice on other strategies for finding low-cost assistanct that may be useful.